Classical Bassist in The Last Frontier




Assistant  Principal  Bassist  with  the  Anchorage  Symphony Orchestra

-Rafting my Upright before the family recital in March, 2019

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Every opportunity I’ve had to play music with my family, I’ve taken. They live far away and I’m in Alaska so the opportunities don’t come very often. In March over a dozen family members attended a symphony concert I was in, and the following day we had a recital. My Dad, brothers Louis and Alex, sister Olivia, son Shane, and I all performed. It has the potential of being the one and only opportunity we will have had, but I absolutely hope not. There’s nothing quite as amazing as playing music with people who know you as well as your closest family. 

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I’m the Assistant Principal Bassist for the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. I play also play regularly as Principal Bass for the Anchorage Opera.  

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